Is It All About Being Pretty?

Growing up, the first thing we'd hear from others is how "pretty" or "not so pretty" we were, how we should do this and that to attain the standards that society almost irrevocably set for us women.

However, as we grew older, we realized that we're more than just "pretty", more than a face. Our identity, that makes us who we are, was never in our faces, but in our passions and our work. This is us, reintroducing ourselves, with MANGO.

In Focus

Aditi Govitrikar: From being a doctor and a psychologist to being a supermodel and actor, this woman smashed stereotypes each step of the way. She is - Pretty Versatile.

Bani J: From being unabashed and unapologetic to being an inspiration for her generation as a VJ and a fitness enthusiast, she is - Pretty Fierce.

Aditi Mittal: One of the first women to do stand-up comedy in India, she's a stand-up comedian, actress and writer, with 2 of her specials on Netflix. She is - Pretty Bold

In Focus

Jasleen Kaur: known professionally as Jasleen Royal, is a singer, songwriter and composer, and is the voice behind some of our favourite tracks in Bollywood. She is - Pretty Talented

Smriti Mandhana: Hailed as the best Women's International Cricketer by the BCC in 2018, she's made India proud in many ways, and is an inspiration for girls who love sports. She is - Pretty Tough

Shipra Khanna: Winner of Masterchef India, Author, TV Host and Food Consultant, she has made a brand for herself. She is - Pretty Courageous